Preserved Parvifolia Eucalyptus

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    Aside from all the health benefits that eucalyptus has to offer, it is also beautiful to display in your home, style at a wedding, or send to a loved one. This eucalyptus has been preserved making it the perfect everlasting bouquet, and not to mention, it smells fantastic! Quantity: Each Bundle varies. Photos represent what one full bundle looks like. Colour: Dark green Dimensions: Each bundle measures approximately 26" in length. (The individual stems may vary) Warning: The oil from eucalyptus can be toxic to animals and small children with ingested. Although this is a dried product, we still recommend that you take the extra step to do your research before making your purchase to ensure this product is right for you. *Jug Vase Available As Well! Find it in our collection under: Tulum Jug Vase