Bringing curated, purposeful

design to your home

We design it and we build it...

Our design team is here to help with interior, exterior, and architectural design for your new , renovated, or reimagined home.  We also have technical experts from carpenters to engineers at the ready to ensure that we can build what we design.

Kitchens & Baths

Our amazing award winning kitchen and bath design team are ready and waiting to tackle a great project like yours.  Your space could be Pinterest and Instagram worthy like the many before yours!  Hundreds of projects have come across our designer's paths and we are always excited to get our hands on more.

Floor & House Plans

Our architectural design team create your new or renovated space with great care and attention to detail so that you can fully image it before we bring it to life.  From 2d plans to video tours and VR, you can get into your space before we build it.  

Interior Design

From a bedroom or living room makeover to selections for your custom home, we can help you redesign any space.  Aside from the construction side of our business we also have a flair for colour, accents, planters, and the occasional fun concrete face or balloon dog.  Our colour consultations are a great place to start on your redesign journey. 

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